Monday, July 17, 2006

They Just Don't Get It

From today's online NY Times:
"The world leaders at a Group of 8 summit meeting on Sunday issued a communiqué on energy policy that touched lightly on alternatives to fossil fuels, like biomass and wind power, but focused mostly on how to bring more oil to the market. "

Einstein's quote is applicable: "No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it."

Well, if you are reading this blog, you probably know my low opinion of the ability of a government to solve problems (and it is compounded by the plural- governments). Suspicions confirmed. The leaders of the free world aren't going to get us off oil. While Mr. Bush (perhaps demonstrating his earlier experiences with other substances) took the first step of admitting we are "addicted" to oil, it is clear that our governments are not ready to take any of the harder next steps to rehab.

So, it is up to us to take an inventory of our individual actions, take responsibility for our lifestyles and make decisions accordingly. Our governments aren't going to take care of it. Anyone surprised?

If you want to reduce your energy use, or carbon footprint, here are some ideas:
1) Reduce your energy use: some ideas from the EPA, National Academy of Sciences, or Al Gore.
2) Offset your carbon emissions: a list of carbon offset services
3) Buy organic or "green products" from "green companies"

Your energy usage is driven, in large part by where you live (type of home and location relative to work/errands), mode of transportation, and what you eat. If you decide you want to reduce your energy usage/eco footprint, be sensible about attacking the low hanging fruit first. What are the easy changes? Then focus on the "big impact" items that can reduce your $$ spent on energy. As with exercise or diet, setting unrealistic goals increases the chance that you and your family will "drop out". Better to set reasonable goals and achieve them!

Good luck!

There are a number of blogs on this topic- find one that suits your disposition and keep informed.

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