Friday, October 27, 2006

More on Entrepreneurial Education

In the interest of equal time, those interested in the debate over whether entrepreneurs are "born" that way (my post of Sept 23) ... Inc magazine has an article on a recent study. An interesting perspective on how this matters for entrepreneurship education. Here's a quote:

"The survey results indicate a major issue in academia today: institutions of higher education are not adequately preparing students for careers in entrepreneurship," Paul Zavracky, dean of School of Technological Entrepreneurship, said in a statement. "While entrepreneurship skills can be taught, the survey results suggest that the desire to be an entrepreneur usually is not." See Are Enterepreneurs Born or Made

Read the article... see what you think. I hope that when students take my class, they learn more about entrepreneurship. As a result, some may have their entrepreneurial instincts validated and sharpened, and others may become newly inspired to become entrepreneurs.

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