Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Why don't Artists use Teams?

When we think of creative people, we often think of artists. I was recently thinking about art and artists (Cezanne is a favorite, and Winslow Homer, too). And I was also thinking about teams and creativity. And I realized something weird/different about artists (compared to entrepreneurs).

The great artists are wonderfully creative, and have great execution skills as well (to be convinced, just look at Picaso's pencil drawings, or the many drafts Matisse did of his "spontaneous" paintings).

I love to see the work of the "Masters," those geniuses that integrate both creativity and execution so well. But they are so rare. How much more great art could be created if there were a different, or multiple, systems for creating it?

What about the "not so good" artists? Those who have great vision and creativity, but aren't so world class with line, color, or perspective. Or those who are great technical painters, skilled with the use of color, but don't have an inspired view of the world. Why do they toil away, often, without recognition. [Of course, unfortunately, some of these get more recognition than I think they deserve, but that's another matter.] Going to fairs and shows, being good, but not great artists. Why not team up? Why not collaborate... thinking more of creating art as a play or movie, instead of a life's work? Why can talented musicians have bands, but not artists?

As entrepreneurs, we are lucky. If we have a gap in our abilities, and the sense to realize it, we have the opportunity to find someone who can help out. Team efforts are acceptable and encouraged. Maybe that is why entrepreneurs aren't stereotyped as lonely and alienated... and artists are.

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