Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Focus People!

By now, I am sure you have heard about the Focus the Nation "Teach In" on January 31. The purpose is to focus attention on climate change, and engage and educate the community on the topic.

The organizers at Colorado State University (CSU) have done an amazing job, so much so that they turned it into a 2 day event, starting today. Here is the schedule. Too lazy to click? Here are my suggestions:

9 AM "Show me the Money"
11AM Ethics of Climate Change with Univ. Distinguished Prof Holmes Rolston.
2 PM Green Beer, Green Business. New Belgiumites tell of their journey.
3PM Engines for Change. Envirofit's story and current activities.
6 PM Webcast (go to FTN website): 2% Solution with Hunter Lovins, Van Jones and Edward Norton.

9:30 Green Clean Living. Brian Dunbar of our Institute for the Built Environment
11:00 Independence Day: Alternative Energies
12:30 Talking with the Unconvinced

Hope to see you there!


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