Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Get some TED for your Head

So the TED folks have been posting a lot more of their talks recently, which is cool for those of us who aren't cool enough to actually go to TED. I was thinking of posting my top ten favorite TED talks, but then I thought that I would try to do some intersectional combinations. Where the whole is greater than the parts... synergistic neurological stimulation... pairing red wine with fish. Whatever. Watch them together and it will be better.

So here goes:

Design 2.0: Bill McDonough, Amy Smith and Janine Benyus

Some BIG questions, two BIG brains, one BIG ego and almost a small synthetic life form: Stephen Hawking and Craig Venter

Two very different ways to present your ideas: Bill Strickland and Hans Rosling

How do you want to spend $50 Billion? Bjorn Lomborg, Andrew Mwenda and George Ayittey.

And a bonus entertainment clip, the Raspyni Brothers (don't stop with the bean bags)!


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