Wednesday, September 17, 2008

I Love Luci

Luci Storelli-Castro gave a wonderful talk at our Rotary Club luncheon today about her year in Ghana as an Ambassadorial Scholar. This was a special treat for me as I have known Luci for many years and I have watched her grow from a young girl to an impressive young woman. Her talk was touching, funny, inspiring and thoughtful.

Luci is a writer, change agent, and soccer player. While in Ghana, she not only studied business at the University in Accra, but also taught 50 first graders, helped four villages drill water wells, and started a soccer team in a Liberian refugee camp. As with many recent college graduates, she is currently "considering her future options." So bleeps, if you run a grad school, accept her... if you run an NGO, hire her... and if you need a writer, recruit her. You won't regret it!
B Good, B Local, B Corp
For those of you lucky enough to live in Fort Collins, please be sure to take in the Rocky Mountain Sustainable Living Fair this weekend. And as icing on the cake, please come see our Sustainable Enterprise Speaker Series on Tuesday Sept 23 at 4 pm featuring Jay and Andrew from B Lab in Clark A 103. Find out how their new ideas are helping leading "B Corp" companies become role models for sustainability. Link

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