Monday, November 17, 2008

Tim Keeps on Tickin...

Tim Bauer was selected today as a Rolex Awards for Enterprise Laureate. Tim is one of the founders of Envirofit and it is really cool to see him recognized for all his great work. Read and see more about Tim's work, as well as the other laureates, at the Rolex Awards website.
And while Ron, Nathan, Jaime, Harish, Alan, Roshan, Martha, Clark, David and many others may not get a gold chronograph, they too deserve to bask in the reflected glow of Tim's new timepiece.
OK, I am not going to blog about any more Envirofit awards for a while.


Anonymous said...

Can you help to develop Fuel Injection Kit for Indonesia market, there are over 50 million motorcycles with carburetor.

Reduce fuel consumption, and polution.

Thank you,

Bopreneur said...

It would be best to contact Envirofit directly- we have only done tooling for certain types of motorcyles. Indonesia is a market of interest to us.

Anonymous said...

Paul, I have sent you several notes looking for an update on EnviroFit's achievements in conversions. Last Spring the website noted approx. 400 conversions to date with 4000 projected "by 2009". As you know, I've repeatedly raised concerns about EnviroFit's projections being too high and underestimating the many economic, social, and technical difficulties. EnviroFit would, in my opinion, benefit by realigning itself to more realistic projections if it continues to meet obstacles that lead to massive shortfalls from goals. I have donated in the past and would like to do so again but require some evidence that either realistic objectives are being re-set or improvements in operations are raising the conversion rate. How does a donor get transparency?

Thank you in advance for your help.