Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Come and Get IDDS

Limited time offer for aspiring BOPreneurs:

The International Development Design Summit is now accepting applications from project teams with working prototypes for products focused on addressing the needs of communities in the developing world.

From the website:
Whereas previous versions of IDDS focused on creating prototypes, IDDS 2010 will focus on turning prototypes into products and project teams into ventures with business plans. Dissemination and marketing will be significant aspects of this summit. We will also focus on what happens after IDDS and how teams will continue working on ventures after the summit. In short, participants will have the opportunity to explore the many challenges of entrepreneurship and technology dissemination for developing markets with a diverse group of people from around the globe. By the time IDDS ends, you can expect to have developed a richer understanding of ways to disseminate your innovation at scale, a plan to move your venture forward, and a broader network of people who can assist you with both.

We have been recruiting faculty and guests and can GUARANTEE that those teams that participate will have an opportunity to significantly advance their ventures. Faculty from MIT, Olin, Colorado State, KNUST, UC Davis, and Bainbridge Graduate Institute. Guests from Cooper-Perkins, IDEO, Acumen Fund, IDE, NCIIA, Stanford, Envirofit, Sprig and Hummdinger. The goal is a collection of collaborative energy from around the world focused on dissemination- people who are interested in taking action and moving forward with new approaches.

So here's what you need to do to get started. Download the form. Fill it out. Send it in.

May the force be with you.

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