Monday, July 11, 2011

Don't Fight Awe

It is easy to be cynical. "That will never work."

It is easy to be apathetic. "Why should I care."

It is hard (some days) to be an artist, builder, creator, discoverer or entrepreneur (and that is just "A" through "E").

If you discover something awesome, don't fight it. If you find awe, you are lucky. Embrace it. Awe is an effective antidote to cynicism and apathy. It is worth looking for. And examining when you find it. Why does this thing/experience/being make you feel this way? How is it designed? Is it designed at all, or has it evolved? What is common to the things that awe you?

Awesome things aren't always what everyone is talking about. Sometimes you find them by yourself. Alone. Then you get to decide whether to share them, and with whom.

The Grand Canyon, flight, a leaf, an inspiring idea, powder skiing, a fishing spot.

Be an awe hunter.

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