Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Much better than a slide deck

I love the video animations that RSA Animate puts together.  Maybe it's the novelty of this medium, but I find it a very engaging way to be introduced to an idea... much prefer it to a TED talk or Slideshare.

Here are a few of my favorites... click 4 times and you can learn a lot in 45 minutes.
- Jeremy Rifkin on Empathic Civilization
- Steven Johnson on Where Good Ideas Come From 
- Sir Kenneth Robinson on Educational Reform  and
- Daniel Pink on Motivation


Unknown said...

I agree, I actually take your bus 665 Class from Distance Land and to be honest, there are some lectures (not your classes I might add) that would have been so much better and actually would have meant more to me if they had been presented in this way.

Thanks for sharing the links

Bopreneur said...

RFF- it is tough... i realize the hypocrisy of running the class on a slide deck, but have found that with the high % of online students, it works well to have the ppts as a base for the video. however, having watched the segments myself, i realize this isn't exactly as exciting as TED talks or RSA animations.

i think these classes will change over the next few years... for instance, do we need our speakers to come in every year for a live session, or should we move that to video students can watch on their own schedule?

when you evaluate the class, i hope you will provide ideas on ways i could convey the info more effectively (both during and outside of class sessions)... perhaps other profs have tried something else that has worked well?