Monday, December 14, 2009

What if?

What if? This is one of my favorite two word questions.* An artist's question. A builder's question.

How might we...? This are my favorite three words to start a question. Implies a team. To me, a team provides fuel for any innovative spark I am lucky enough to have. And it implies a problem to be overcome.

Who could help us? A really good four word question to ask.

How do we get started? An essential five word question.

Coming up with new ideas and teams is simple. But not easy.

Really? [a one word question].
Of course, bleeps, "What Sucks?" is also one of my favorite questions, and it comes before "what if ?" But "what if ?" works in even the politest of company.

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Jara Dean-Coffey said...

Some of my favorite questions, order depends on context and tone of conversation:

1.How can you contribute;
2.What strategies will mitigate;
3.Who else should be here; and