Saturday, January 23, 2010

Big Questions

There are a lot of big questions out there. For some, I have no answers. For some, I believe I at least have some insight. And I use those to organize* my MBA course.

So, here are some biq questions about innovation and new ventures that I plan to ask some 300 MBAs this semester:

1. What on earth is an idea worth?
2. What do start up teams do?**
3. How do you make a business model?
4. Bake it in or bolt it on?
5. Can you have it all- value, values and valuation?
6. Can founders and funders get along?
7. Are start ups pretty when they are born?
8. Can you keep your job while you start a new venture?
9. Investors- deal or no deal?
10. How do start up investors control risk? (and does it work?)
11. What are the leading causes of start up death?
12. Should entrepreneurs be acquisitive?
13. How do you pitch in the big leagues?
* Some of my students assert this is a verb that should not be used to describe my classes. These students mistake the verb "organize" with the adjective "organized." One describes the effort put into the undertaking, the other its result. So, I think I can use the verb. And, the adjective is not one for which I strive.
** The question some students ask me during this class is: "why are we watching South Park in business school?"

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